Journal of Craniomaxillofacial Research 2015. 2(1-2):91-94.

The effect of the submucosal injection of dexamethasone on postoperative discomfort after impacted mandibular third molar surgery
Farnoosh Mohammadi, Mahboube Hasheminasab, Asadollah Asgarian, Alireza Zahedanaraki


Introduction: Our study was designed to assess the effect of the submucosal injection of dexamethasone on postoperative discomfort after surgical removal of impacted mandibular third molars.

Materials and methods: Twenty six patients with bilaterally bony impacted mandibular third molars were recruited to this split mouth study. On the study side, prior to surgery, 8 mg of dexamethasone was injected in buccal vestibule submucosally, while the control side received no steroid. Complications such as swelling, trismus and infection were evaluated postoperatively.

Results: The results showed that the patients experienced significantly less swelling  (p=  0.001)  on  study  side  on  the  3rd   and  7th   postoperative  days compared to the control side. The amount of trismus was significantly less (p=0.001) after submucosal injection of dexamethasone on both time intervals.

Conclusion: Perioperative submucosal injection of dexamethasone can significantly reduce postoperative swelling and trismus after surgical removal of the impacted teeth.


Third molar; Swelling; Trismus; Dexamethasone

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