Journal of Craniomaxillofacial Research 2015. 2(1-2):109-111.

Bilateral infratemporal spaces abscess following removal of suspension wires: a case report
Javad Yazdani, Ali Mortazavi, Mohammadali Ghavimi


The infratemporal fossa is an anatomic space of great importance in the head.Abscesses of this space re rare but potentially life threatening. Regarding the proximity of some important anatomical features of the head, dealing with infratemporal space infection needs great consideration both in examination and surgical practice.In  this  case  report,  infratempora  space  abscess  formation  following  the removal of zygomatic arch suspension wire in a healthy, male, young patient and its treatment protocol are presented.


Infratemporal; Abscess; Maxillofacial infection

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