Journal of Craniomaxillofacial Research 2016. 3(4):268-272.

The use of cone beam computed tomography in diagnosis and surgical management of a case of internal root resorption: A case report
Samane Javanmardi, Alireza Adl, Mohsen Bahmani


This study represents a case of extensive perforating internal root resorption in tooth 7 in 22-yearold female, with a history of trauma in the anterior segment of maxilla in childhood. Diagnosis
was made by clinical manifestation, intraoral periapical radiograph and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). CBCT has superior diagnostic accuracy that results in better management of
complicated cases. Due to hemorrhage from the perforation site into the canal, and inability to dry the canal space surgical approach was employed to seal the resorptive defect. Clinical and radiographic
examination revealed a successful outcome six months after treatment.
Key words: Internal Resorption, cone beam computed tomography, surgical management.


Internal Resorption; cone beam computed tomography; surgical management.

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