Journal of Craniomaxillofacial Research 2015. 2(1-2):103-108.

Palatopharyngeal function rehabilitation after partial maxillectomy with an obturator combined with speech aid: a clinical report
Faezeh Atri, Susan Mir-Mohammad-Rezaei, Farideh GeramiPanah, Mehran Bahrami


A palatal defect may result from surgical resection, and its consequences could include difficulty in speech and nasal regurgitation of food and liquids. An obturator combined to speech aid prosthesis can improve nasal emission during speech,  and  assist  in  preventing  nasal  regurgitation  of  food.  This  article presents a clinical report of the reconstruction of palatopharyngeal function by prosthetic obturator and speech aid.


Palatopharyngeal function; Speech Aid; Obturator; Rotational path

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