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A diagnostic pitfall in anterior maxillary radiolucency: A case report


Well-defined radiolucencies in the anterior region of the upper jaw, are often considered as anatomic structures or pathologic lesions. The most common anatomic structure in this area is the shadow of incisive foramen and the most common lesion is nonodontogenic cyst known as incisivecanal cyst. However, other entities especially uncommon cysts and tumors should be considered as well. In this article, we present a case of odontogenic cyst known as glandular odontogenic cyst in the anterior maxilla with histopathologic findings reminiscent of a nasopalatine duct cyst. The diagnostic sequence and criteria for differential diagnosis are discussed. Also, the significance of thorough clinical and radiographic examinations are emphasized. Actually, we are going to focuson histopathological criteria known as Rushton body which is one of the important features for differentiate between nonodontogenic cyst like nasopalatine duct cyst and an odontogenic cyst, glandular odontogenic cyst.Key words: Odontogenic cycts, Jaw cysts, Nonodontogenic cyst, Maxilla.

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