Case Report

Maxillary sinus mucocele: A case report


Maxillary sinus mucocele is a benign uncommon cyst which is caused by the progressive accumulation of mucous. It presents with a slowly expanding growth and is asymptomatic at the beginning.Its signs and symptoms are nonspecific and mostly due to pressure effects on the orbit or other facial structures. The etiology of sinus mucocele formation is not well knowm. However, it is proposed that its formation might be due to obstruction of the ostium by inflammation or previous procedures such as Caldwell–Luc surgery. Endoscopic marsupialization of the mucocele is the procedure of choice, even though complicated cases are best treated by intraoral open procedures. We present a case of huge maxillary mucocele with a historyof previous maxillary sinus surgery. Presentation and classic treatment are discussed.
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