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The prevalence of burnout syndrome among general dentists in Qazvin, Iran in 2017


Background: Dentists suffer a massive burn out in their professional work because they are under extreme mental and physical pressure through their work. Object: This study investigates to findthe dimensions of burnout such as emotional exhaustion depersonalization, and a low sense of personal fulfillment of dentists in Qazvin and its associated  factors to prevent and reducethis side effect. Materials and Methods: This cross sectional study used a maslach questionnaire among  103 generally dentists in Qazvin. The SPSS version 20 served for statistical analyses. Results: Among the dentists 57.3% were men and mean age was 42 years. For emotional exhaustion  more than 60% of participants were in low conditionand about 14% had severe emotional  exhaustion. Majority of dentists in the study were in slight condition but 15.5% had severe depersonalization. None of the dentists studied was in difficulty in terms of job adequacy, and all of them had favorable job performance. Conclusion: Comparing the findings with similar researches, the burnout rate on Qazvin dentists is in favorable condition and even lower than other studies.
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