Technical Note

Retrograde fiberoptic intubation


This technical note aims to introduce a new approach for intubation of patients with restricted mouth opening in cases that conventional and fiberoptic-assisted endotracheal intubation are not possible. The proposed technique is a modification to the previously well-established retrograde intubation method. The main advantage of this new technique is the employment of fiberscope for direct visualization which eliminates the use of guide wire. The endotracheal tube enters through the nostril and is railroaded using the fiberscope as a guide. Using this new technique can prevent the complications of tracheostomy and the traditional retrograde intubation in patients that anterograde intubation is not feasible. The promising result of conducting the intubation with this approach can be considered the basis for future clinical investigation. Keywords: Fiberscope; Modified retrograde intubation; Direct visualization.
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SectionTechnical Note
Fiberscope; Modified retrograde intubation; Direct visualization.

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