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Central giant cell granuloma mimicking a malignant lesion of mandible: A case report


Central giant cell granuloma (CGCG) is a relatively uncommon benign osseous lesion with sometimes aggressive nature. The nature of this lesion is unknown and although the exact cause is unclear, the three theories about possibility of its nature are: developmental anomaly, reactive lesion or benign neoplasm. Histologically by presence of multinucleated giant cells within a stroma of spindle-shaped mesenchymal and fibro vascular connective tissue along with containing of hemorrhagic areas is characterized. This case report presents the diagnosis and management of a CGCG in a 50 years-old man with biopsy and surgical treatments. The lesion involve the left side of mandibular. Diagnosis plan was designed based on the combination of pathology and imaging. Finally after en bloc resection of involved regions of mandible, a titanium plate prosthesis was used for the jaw reconstruction. Since some of CGCG lesions can be highly invasive and inclinically and radiographic features can mimic as malignancy lesions.
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