Case Report

Dentigerous cyst associated with an impacted anterior maxillary supernumerary tooth (mesiodens): A case report


Background: Dentigerous cysts are commonly seen in association with third molars and maxillary canines. Only 5–6% of dentigerous cysts are associated with supernumerary teeth. We report a rare case of dentigerous cyst associated with an impacted anterior maxillary supernumerary tooth (mesiodens). Case Presentation: A 30-year-old male reported to our Department of Oral Medicine, School of Dentistry at Hamedan University of Medical Sciences, with chief complaint of a painless swelling in the anterior upper jaw (in the region of incisors) for a duration of 3 month. At the time of his presentation, his medical history was unremarkable, with no systemic problems and no report of pain. Conclusion: Although the association of dentigerous cyst with an impacted supernumerary tooth (mesiodens) is rare, prevention of harmful complications as developmental cyst, early diagnosis and treatment is necessary. The standard treatment is Enucleation. Keywords: Dentigerous cysts; Mesiodens; Supernumerary teeth.
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Dentigerous cysts; Mesiodens; Supernumerary teeth.

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