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Evaluation of six radiomorphometric indices


Purpose: Aging is accompanied by the gradual loss of teeth, which can cause several orofacial changes. This study aimed to compare panoramic radiomorphometric indices between dentate and totally edentulous patients. Materials and Methods: One hundred panoramic radiographs were analyzed to measure six indices using Clinview 9.3 software: the gonial angle (GA), antegonial angle (AGA), condylar height (CH), ramus height (RH), mental index (MI), and mandibular cortical index (MCI). An independent sample t-test and Chi-square was used to compare the means of the measured data between dentate and edentate subjects and genders. Results: In both genders, dentate people had greater left CH (p=0.05) and left GA (p=0.03). Men had greater RH in the dentate and edentate groups (p<0.001). No correlation was found between groups and genders in MCI scores. Conclusion: CH index assessment as the function of the masticatory muscles and GA as residual ridge resorption were decreased in edentulous people. The findings highlight the importance of oral hygiene education and prosthetic rehabilitation of the edentulous. Keywords: Digital panoramic; Morphometric; Edentulous; Indices.
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Digital panoramic; Morphometric; Edentulous; Indices.

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