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Assessing VEGF mRNA and miR-494 expression in peripheral blood collected from patients suffering from oral squamous cell carcinoma


Introduction: Oral squamous cell carcinoma accounts for 2% of all cancers and also is one of  the top 10 causes of death in humans. The goal of this article is to assess changes of VEGF mRNA and miR-494 expression. Materials and Methods: We chose 30 patients with OSCC and 30 healthy people (as a controlled group) and assess the rate of VEGF mRNA and miR-494 expression in peripheral blood with real-time PCR technique.Findings: VEGF mRNA marker was positive in 24 out of 30 patients. Also, miR-494 was positive in 20 out of 30 patients. Results: Overall based on this article’s findings, results could count as a diagnostic screening test for OSCC  detection in early steps of cancer.
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Oral squamous cell carcinoma Early diagnosis VEGF mRNA miR-494

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